Hello! I’m Anne. I’m typically developing (aka: “neurotypical”). In addition to being an autism consultant and coach, I’m a POET, public speaker, Montessori educator and a parenting coach. I’m planning on being a published author soon. I’m excited for life!

I have over 20 years personal experience with autism and marriage. I know a lot about this subject…..

I have three beautiful children.

I decided mixed-neurological couples weren’t getting the support they need and that the professional world was behind. So… I got my master’s degree in clinical psychology and did my original research and thesis on mixed-neurological marriages. I even got the director’s award for thesis scholarship. That took a lot from someone who spent over two decades in a mixed relationship! I’m a trained, ICF-aligned professional coach.

I’m excited to share my research results. Right now, my thesis is embargoed so my work can go through the peer review process and (hopefully) be published. I want more people to do research and get it published so the professional world can start to understand what’s happening inside these relationships.

I offer online courses and personal and group coaching to current and ex-partners in mixed-neurological marriages.

If you’re interested in personalized coaching, please use request to become a client.